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Hey there! If you looking for reliable Triax products in Dubai, we’ve got you covered. As the leading Triax distributors in UAE, AL IMTEDAD can supply everything you needed- from IPTV headends and multiswitches to cables, dishes, and more. With our comprehensive inventory and experienced team, we make it easy to get the high quality Triax equipment that will meet the needs for your next project. Trust us to be your go to source for all things Triax.

AL IMTEDAD: Leading Triax Distributors in UAE

As the authorized distributors of Triax products in Dubai and UAE, AL IMTEDAD offers a complete range of their innovative solution for receiving and distributing video, audio, and data signals. We provide everything from Triax IPTV headends and Triax multiswitchs to satellite equipment, cables, and dishes. Whatever Triax products you need for your smart home or business technology systems in Dubai, we have them.

A Full Suite of Offerings

Our catalog includes essential like Triax splitters, Triax optical fiber, and Triax compact headends along with more specialized equipment for IPTV, SMATV and Digital Signage applications. No matter what type of technology you want to implement, AL IMTEDAD and Triax have the high quality, reliable and customizable products to make it happen.

Expert Support and Service

As the leader in the UAE’s ELV industry, we do more than just provide equipment. We offer supply, installation, testing, commissioning and support services to ensure your Triax systems are set up properly and functioning as intended. Our team has the technical expertise and experience to design tailored solutions for clients across various sectors like hospitality, health care, education, retail and residential.

Why Choose Us?

There are a few key reasons AL IMTEDAD stands out as the top choice for Triax products in Dubai and beyond:

  • We are authorize Triax distributors with strong partnerships and direct access to their full range of innovative solutions.
  • Our expert team has over 19 years of experience in the ELV and smart home technology space.
  • We provide high quality products and end to end services for clients across the UAE.
  • Our solutions are customize to your unique needs and budget.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance help ensure maximum uptime and performance.

For Triax products and solutions in Dubai and throughout the UAE, AL IMTEDAD is the name you can trust.

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Our Extensive Selection of Triax Products

AL IMTEDAD offers the full range of Triax products, so you can find everything you need for your ELV project in one place. As authorized Triax distributors, we provide their innovative solutions for distributing audio, video and data signals.

High quality Headeds

We supply Triax Compacrt Headend and iptv headends for receiving and processing TV and radio signals to distribute to multiple outlets. Triax headends are renowned for their reliability, modularity and ease of use.

Reliable Satellite Reception

For satellite signal reception, we offer Triax satellite dishes, Triax LNBs, Triax Multiswitchs, and related cabling and splitters. Triax provides high performance solution for communal satellite and terrestrial signal reception. Their satellite dishes and LNBs are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, providing dependable signal reception.

Durable cables and Accessories

Triax is also a leading manufacturer of high quality coaxial cables, optical fibers, splitters, amplifiers, and other signal distribution accessories. Their cables are specifically designed for signal transmission, with durable construction to minimize signal loss over long cable runs. We supply the full range of Triax cables, splitters, amplifiers, and other vital components for distributing signals in ELV systems.

Custom Solutions

In addition to Triax’s standard products, we can provide customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our team has years of experience designing and implementing ELV systems using Triax equipment. We handle systems design, supply of components, installation, testing, and commissioning to ensure your Triax based ELV system is set up properly and functioning as intended according to your requirements.

With AL IMTEDAD, you have access to the complete range of high quality, innovative Triax Product and the expertise to implement customized ELV systems and solutions based on your needs.

Triax IPTV Headends for Superior Signal Distribution

Flexible and Reliable IPTV Solutions

As an authorized Triax distributor, we supply their innovative IPTV headend solutions which provide flexible and reliable signal distribution for any application. Triax IPTV headend come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs, whether you need a compact system for a small building or a large headend for an entire residential complex. These headend receives satellite or terrestrial TV signals and convert them for distribution over IP network.

High quality, interference- free signals

Triax IPTV headend utilize the latest encoding and modulation technology to provide high quality, interference free signals. We offer headend for both SD and HD signal distribution.

Complete IPTV solutions

In addition to headend units themselves, we supply all the additional equipment required for a complete IPTV solution. This include IPTV set top box, ip switches, router, cabling, dishes, and accessories.

Unmatched Customer Support

As the official distributor, we provide the full manufacturer’s of warranty and technical support for all Triax Products. Our team has extensive experience with Triax IPTV systems and can offer advice and solutions for any issues that may arise.

AL IMTEDAD gives top PTV headends

Reliable Triax Multiswitches for SMATV Systems

High Performance and Reliability

Triax multiswitchs are design to provide high performance signal distribution for SMATV systems. They offer reliable reception and distribution of DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-C, DVB-T and analog signals to multiple subscribers.

Compact and Easy Install

Triax multiswitchs come in compact, rack-mountable enclosures that are easy to install and integrate into your headend. They provide high isolation between ports to minimize signal interference and cross-modulation. Triax multiswitches also offer simple cascading to enable distribution to a large number of subscribers.

Diverse Product Range

As Triax suppliers in Dubai, we offer a wide selection of their multiswitches to choose them. This include everything from small 4 input x 4 output multiswitches to large cascadable models with 16 inputs x 64 output or more. Triax also provides specialized multiswitches for satellite internel and IPTV distribution.

High Quality at Competitive Prices

Triax is known for producing innovative yet affordable products and their multiswitches are no exception. You’ll find their multiswitches offer exceptional performance and reliability at highly competitive price points. As authorized Triax distributors, we are able to pass on significant cost saving and discounts to our customers.

Triax Products: AL IMTEDAD provides Triax MULTISWITCH


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