IPTV infrastructure is the new defining standard of any customer-friendly hospitality spot. We are a new-age tech company that deals with IP TV or Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Bringing with us the latest and the best the tech industry has to provide the hospitality industry. Our IPTV for hotels system takes your guest’s experience to the next level in the simplest way possible because tech should help make things easier, not harder. To make this tech revitalization possible at your facility contact us right away. We have an array of expert staff waiting on the phone to help get you familiar with the IP TV solutions in Saudi.

When we say we provide end-to-end IPTV solutions, it means at AL IMTEDAD, you get a one-stop solution for all your hospitality needs in Saudi Arabia. We provide a fully customized IPTV system in Saudi Arabia. An expert will visit your facility and give a plan that best fits your needs and requirements for IPTV in Saudi Arabia. We are delighted to say that our combined experience in the Middle East and Africa market has made us one of the best IPTV providers you can avail yourself of in Saudi Arabia. Once we realize what you need for IPTV in Saudi Arabia, it is then followed by a swift team that comes and implements this system with utmost efficiency. We don't stop at that; we also offer a robust IPTV AMC as well for a seamless experience for both you and your customers in Saudi Arabia. The simplicity of the systems and the effective implementation give you a chance to relax regarding your systems and focus on the core aspects of management in Saudi Arabia. If you also go with the support structure, you can avert any complications in the future as well for IPTV Saudi Arabia.

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IPTV solutions open a flurry of avenues for entertainment and interaction with the guests. AL IMTEDAD’s end-to-end Hospitality IPTV systems enable you to upgrade your guest entertainment infrastructure at the hotels, hospitals, apartment complexes and/or cruise ships in Saudi Arabia.

Our IPTV installation in Saudi Arabia provides a number of features, including crispy HD TV channels reception, fully customizable guest services user interface, an on-screen bridge to several building facilities like food orderings, TV archives, guest media player, on-demand movies, and information about the local touristic attractions and places to visit, etc. The tv also comes with the ability to connect to the internet which means the guests have plenty more options for you to get to. Their internet based imagination is the only limit. Our digital transformation spreads across industries, with some of the major industries we cater to in Saudi Arabia being the hospitality sector, the corporate sector and the educational sector. The Hospitality industry includes Hotels, Hospitals, Clinics, anything related to health/wellbeing, and care/retirement homes. The Corporate sector includes organisations such as companies, maritime, prisons, and oil rigs. The Educational sector includes universities, colleges, schools, and housing for the students as well.

Our IPTV Services in Saudi Arabia

  • Our IPTV solutions facilitate the guest request system to work well with the management.
  • Create a standalone operation or a complete integration with property management systems (PMS) for any hospitality needs with the IPTV from AL IMTEDAD.
  • Both single and multi-room are facilitated by our IPTV solutions in Saudi Arabia.
  • We provide highly integrated IPTV services in Saudi Arabia across various industries.
  • We deliver multimedia services over IP-based networks from the basic standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD) and Full High Definition (FHD).


  • An Enhanced Full HD Channel Experience
  • VIP Guest and Groups can have customized Channel
  • On demand channel
  • Preview the channels
  • High Clarity with over a 100 Channels
  • Mirroring from the phone to TV
  • Radio Channel List


  • Get welcomed with greetings from the Hotel
  • Have the name of the guest displayed on the Main menu
  • Message view option for the guests
  • Multiple Region Display on an Elegant Designed UI
  • Information Menu
  • Specific Channel for Brand Video Streaming
  • Get the current News Feed (From Online feed only)
  • Latest Weather Forecast Report (From Online feed only)
  • VOD along with Music
  • Flight Status (From Online feed only)
  • Exact time from all around the world
  • Scroll Bar Field for Flash News
  • Language selection
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  • Get the details about the Hotel Restaurant and Dining Facilities
  • Information Health Club and Swimming pool
  • Guest Room Services
  • Get the Broadcasting of live events in the Hotel
  • Information regarding the Meeting Rooms and Business Center
  • Exclusive Reward Programs and External Activity
  • Tourist Information
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