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AL Imtedad is the top IPTV providers in Saudi Arabia

You want to offer your hotel or resort guests the best experience possible, right? Well, technology plays a huge role in that these days. Your facility into the 21st century with IPTV gives your guest personalized control and entertainment options that will wow them. Contact the expert at AL IMTEDAD to learn how an IPTV systems can be customized for your property. With different service packages to meet your needs and budget, specialized staff to walk you through setup and use, and content management system to showcase, IPTV takes your guest experience to the next level while making things easier. Continue reading to learn more about the advantages of IPTV and why AL IMTEDAD leads the way in Saudi Arabia.


As a hotel or resort in Saudi Arabia, you want to provide a top notch entertainment experience for your guests. To revitalize your facility with IPTV, contact us today to speak with our experts.

How our IPTV systems work
  • TV channels are received centrally via satellite antenna, or cable and converted into IP data streams
  • Common Ethernet cables distribute the signals throughout the building
  • Internet, phone, and IPTV run simultaneously over the network
  • Guest rooms use IPTV enabled TVs
Customized experience
  • Custom greeting and languages
  • Pre-sorted TV and radio programs by preference
Promote hotel offerings
  • Advertise special events, packages and conference rooms
  • Display menus and operating hours for on-site restaurants
  • Show promotional videos highlighting your hotel’s amenities
Simple administration
  • User-friendly content management system (CMS)
  • Allows hotels to update info screens and menus
  • No ongoing subscription fees

By leveraging IPTV technology, your hotel can provide personalized entertainment, helpful features, and targeted promotions right on your guest room televisions. This create a more enjoyable and convenient experience for each guest. And with a build-in CMS, you maintain complete control over the content.

Contact the IPTV experts at AL IMTEDAD to discuss revolutionizing in room entertainment at your Saudi hotel or resort today!


Our IPTV solutions offers numerous benefits that make it an ideal choice for hotels and resorts:

AL IMTEDAD: Personalized guest experience

·  Personalized guest experience:

Guests are greeted with a personalized menu and program guide in their preferred language. This creates a more welcoming and enjoyable stay.

AL IMTEDAD: Enhanced services

·  Enhanced services:

Hotels can provide guest information, room service menu, activity calendars and more though the IPTV system. This improves communication and convenience.

AL IMTEDAD: Revenue opportunities

·  Revenue opportunities:

Additional services like movie rentals or room service can be ordered directly through the hotel IPTV system. This improves communication and convenience.

AL IMTEDAD: Marketing platforms

·  Marketing platforms:

promote hotel amenities, local attractions, special offers and upcoming events right on the in-room TV. This captive audience enable better marketing.

AL IMTEDAD : Centralized management

·  Centralized management:

our content management system makes it easy to update and manage the menus, program guides and informational content displayed to guests. No need to update hundreds of TVs individually.

AL IMTEDAD: Cost saving

·  Cost saving:

Running television, internet and phone service on one IPTV network is more affordable, eliminating the need for multiple cabling infrastructures.

AL IMTEDAD: Future proofing:

·  Future proofing:

IPTV leverages the building’s current IT network, simplifying scalability as needs evolve without requiring substantial new cabling.

By partnering with a reliable IPTV providers like AL IMTEDAD, hotels and resorts leverage a high value guest amenity and enhanced operational solution in one package. Contact us and learns more!


With our IPTV solutions, your hotel or resort in KSA can offer guests a modern, personalized in room entertainment experience. Here are some of the key features our system provides:

AL IMTEDAD is the best IPTV service providers in Saudi Arabia
  • Customized welcome screen: Guests are greeted with welcome page in their language that displays their name and reservation details. You can include promotions, events, dining menus and more.
  • Video on demand: Guest can choose from hundreds of movies, news, shows, documentaries and other programming to watch instantly in their room. Content can be sorted by language, genre, etc.
  • Interactive hotel info: The system allows guest to easily access information about hotel amenities, local attractions, transportation options and upcoming events. They can also order room service or make special request.
  • Web access: Our IPTV system enables in room web browsing so guests can access the internet over the TV. Useful for checking emails or looking things up.
  • Multi language support: the entire platform including the welcome page, menus, and programming information can be presented in different languages based on guest preferences.
  • Customizable branding: Hotel or corporate logos, colour schemes and imagery are integrated throughout the platform, including the remote control screen. Reinforces brand identity.

The system is centrally managed through an easy to use content management platform. You have complete control to add or update information, events and special promotions at any time. Contact us to learn more!


AL IMTEDAD has deep expertise in deploying IPTV solutions for hotels and resorts across the Middle East. Our experienced team handles everything from design to installation to ongoing management, allowing you to focus on delighting your guests.

In addition to our cutting-edge solutions, AL IMTEDAD also offers annual maintenance contracts (AMC support) at a reasonable price. This comprehensive service encompasses both on-site and remote assistance, ensuring that your IPTV solutions operates seamlessly throughout its lifecycle.

Whether you are looking for IPTV for hotels or IPTV for hospitality, AL IMTEDAD is the hospitality technology leader you can rely on. Modernize your property with a customized IPTV platform from AL IMTEDAD and enhance the entertainment experience for your guests.


AL IMTEDAD is one of the leading IPTV provider for hotels and resorts in Saudi Arabia. Here are some of the key reasons to choose us:

Experience and expertise

AL IMTEDAD: Experience and expertise
  • Over 19 years of experience installing IPTV systems for hotels across the Middle East.
  • Expert tech teams to handle everything from custom design to ongoing support
  • Certified partnership with hardware and software vendors

Customized solutions

AL IMTEDAD: Customized solutions
  • We visit your property and create customized packages based on your needs
  • Flexible channel packages, languages, interfaces and more.
  • Interactive features like welcome messages, room service menus, etc.

Complete IPTV ecosystem

AL IMTEDAD: omplete IPTV ecosystem
  • End to end systems including headend, middleware, set top boxes
  • Integrated with internet, WIFI, telephony and other systems
    • Centralized management and updates to all endpoints

Ongoing support

AL IMTEDAD : Ongoing support
  • 24/7 technical support and customer support in case of any issues
  • Regular maintenance checks to keep system updated
  • Training for hotel staff on using CMS and other features

Cost effective

AL IMTEDAD: Cost effective
  • No subscription
  • Increased guest satisfaction and revenues
  • Paid one time for life time license

Local experience

AL IMTEDAD: Local experience
  • Customized Arabic interfaces and channels packages
  • Experts  in Saudi telecom regulations and systems

Get in touch with us for free consultation on how we can help you upgrade your hotel to next generation IPTV today. Our experts are ready to transform your guests’ entertainment experience.


You now have a good overview of your IPTV for hotels or resort solutions in Saudi Arabia/ KSA. This technology can truly transform the guest experience with personalized TV menus, multiple language options, and interactive features. As you saw, an IPTV systems from a reputable provider like AL IMTEDAD handles everything from installation to ongoing support. And with the content management system, you can update information, advertise offers, and make changes easily on your own.

So don’t leave your guest with yesterday’s entertainment technology. Bring your facility into the modern age with IPTV in KSA. Get in touch today to learn more about packages, pricing, and how we can fully customize a system to meet your need. You’ll be glad made the choice to go IPTV.

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