We have SIRA approved security elements in securing your business and daily lives. We are SIRA certified integrator in Dubai for customized installation and end-to-end solutions to your security & surveillance needs.

We offer CCTV security and surveillance services according to the specifications of customers. With immense technical knowledge and expertise, we are highly passionate about providing tremendous value to clients through our advanced solutions.

Being a SIRA approved CCTV security and surveillance solution provider company in Dubai, we supply, install and maintain ( CCTV AMC ) SIRA approved CCTV monitoring systems to protect client property and facilities.

The closed-circuit cameras are an ideal way to monitor and supervise access to facilities and operations. We have various types of SIRA certified security solutions that fit our client’s requirements such as CCTV surveillance system- both IP, HD, and SD, integrated IP- video surveillance, digital video management, and storage solutions.

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Panic alarm

  • We are the leading distributors of burglar alarms and door entry systems for homes and businesses. Our state of the art home security systems comprises wireless house alarms, security cameras, audio, and video intercom systems.
  • AL IMTEDAD’s panic alarm restricts unauthorized use of exit doors by sounding an alarm on instant emergencies. We offer both hard-wired and wireless burglar alarms. Our burglar alarms are widely used to protect homes and small businesses in emergencies.

Asset tagging

  • Our asset control systems are a perfect solution for all asset management and security issues. With our asset control system, the complete history of an asset or employee’s movement is logged by the system through active asset and personnel tags.
  • You will be notified of the important security information when an unauthorized event occurs. Also, security controllers can see the graphical and form views of an alarm event when it happens.

Access control systems

  • Access control systems can curb any security threats and offer you peace of mind. It is inevitable in organizations and offices to install an access control system to ensure the safety of your business premises.
  • With the best and most advanced solution, we cater access control systems to protect hotels, offices, hospitals, public buildings, the retail sector, apartments, country clubs, schools, and colleges.
access control system dubai
biometric access control dubai

Advantages of our access control systems

  • Helps to track and restrict certain areas throughout your organization.
  • Protect your valuables and prevent the chances of theft.
  • Provide auditing, time and attendance features.
  • Ensures a safe working environment.
  • Avoids expensive re-keying when an employee leaves.
  • Restricts access to sensitive areas.

Parking barrier

  • With the world’s most advanced and best solution for access control, AL IMTEDAD brings you leading electronic access control systems to protect hotels, offices, hospitals, public buildings, retail sectors, schools, and colleges.

Biometric access control

  • AL IMTEDAD offers fast, accurate and easy-to-use smartcards, biometric time and attendance and security systems to record employee’s hours of working and site security. Our system handles all your time and attendance needs in one integrated security management system.

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