SMATV - Single Master Antenna Television (or Satellite Master Antenna Television) uses single dish to supply and control number of channels to multiple televisions. Al Imtedad offers a comprehensive range of SMA TV design, supply, installation, and maintenance services (SMATV AMC) in Dubai and entire UAE. As per the client’s requirements, we offer most of the satellite TV channels, radio channels, and customized channels from online streaming platforms through our SMATV systems.

Al Imtedad provides best satellite dish installation service in Dubai, UAE. We have extensive experience in the field of catering SMATV services and we immensely treat each project as our own. Al Imtedad is your ultimate choice when delivering reliable digital TV SMA systems to the hospitality & residential sector. Our SMATV system fully supports both hotel upgrades and residential buildings in Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Oman. SMA TV system for hospitality is an alternative to cable television instead of choosing channels from standard program packages, you can customize your audience’s requirements and desires.

We are fully experienced in the installation of SMATV, CATV system for hotels, hospitals, airports, commercial buildings, government and educational institutions, shopping malls, etc. We have well-versed and highly trained network support teams offering their best throughout the installation and, therefore.

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SMATV System RF Analog

  • We provide RF PAL /Analogue Cable TV system in which the DVB Satellite signals will be converted to audio-video signals using DVB S/S2/S2X Tuners then to a PAL AV modulator to create 1 RF Channel.
  • Combining many audio-video signals to RF channels and combining them into a single cable signal. This feed can also include local sources such as the in-house channel. The SMATV RF analog system has its own limitation in the number of channels.


  • SMATV- Single Master Antenna Television (or Satellite Master Antenna Television) is a community distribution system for signals received via satellite, terrestrial networks, or radio. Multiple satellite signals are connected to multi switches.
  • These switches distribute signals to the end-user, they can use appropriate satellite receivers/decoders to receive the channels. We provide the most economical SMATV system in Dubai and UAE.

Major industries we cater

  • Apartments and individual houses, local authority buildings.
  • Hospitality sector includes hotels, hospitals, clinics, health / wellbeing, care / retirement homes.
  • Educational sectors including universities, colleges, and schools.
  • Corporate sectors such as companies, maritime, prisons, oil rigs.

Major components of SMATV System

  • Dish farm fiber / Dish antennas
  • Vertical and horizontal RF cabling network
  • Splitter, tap offs and amplifier
  • Headend system

SMATV system RF digital

  • A head-end unit is installed to receive the signals from a digital aerial, satellite dish, or in some cases both. This unit processes the signals into the pre-selected range of RF channels and distributes them to each point.
  • Users can then access selected channels directly to the television. We use the latest technology of QAM and COFDM and the signals are distributed via multi switches/ headend systems, amplifiers, taps, and so on.
  • Our satellite TV channel distribution solutions are used for several purposes and has built strong support within various industry sectors. With higher quality services we utmost ensure to meet the customer needs.
  • The receivers enable flexible selection of free-to-air and scrambled services from DVB-S, DVB-S2, DVB-T, DVB-T2, DVB-C, or DVB-ASI sources, which can be adjusted to the operator’s service line-up with the built-in advanced transport stream processing capabilities.
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Our SMATV Services

  • Being one of the leading service providers of SMATV in Dubai, we provide you best SMATV services that gives you the ability to receive programming directly from a satellite.
  • Depending on the specific requirements of customers, we design and install SMATV and provide long-term solutions.
  • You can choose the desired programming package of your choice including sporting events, corporate broadcasts, learning programs, and foreign language programs.
  • We bring out most of the satellite channels, Radio channels, and customized channels as per the client’s requirements.

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