IP TV the new broadcasting technology allows you to watch your most favorite TV programs just as you enjoy browsing on the web. AL IMTEDAD is one of the leading companies which deals hospitality IPTV systems and solutions in Oman. Our IPTV platform acts as a one stop solution for hospitality, educational institutions, hospitals, corporate buildings, apartment complexes and/or cruise ships in Oman. We are the leaders in IPTV installation service for hotels in Oman. We offer IPTV services which are customizable to the customers’ needs and requirements. Our IPTV Oman service will take the customers entertainment to the next level. With our advanced IPTV systems and solutions, we are happy to offer the best IPTV installation in Oman.

We are equipped with most modern IPTV middleware software technology that offers best IP TV solution for TV channel distribution. We deliver professional IPTV installation services without compromising the quality and flexibility. AL IMTEDAD provides complete IPTV installation in a cost-effective and convenient way that satisfy our customers.

IPTV hotel services are automated to keep your guest always satisfied with features like visually check the hotel restaurants, reducing calls traffic to the reception desk, housekeeping desk, and other service areas. IP TV system helps the hotel to automate their broad range of service and allow customers to visually engage for the services they offer.

AL IMTEDAD is one of the best IPTV service providers with IPTV AMC at a feasible price. As the best IPTV providers in Oman, we know what you want from us so our expert team will suggest the best IP TV solution for your organization. Contact us for the best hotel IPTV service and hospitality IPTV systems in Oman.

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Our IPTV Services

  • In addition to that, our IPTV system contains an easy to use reception interface that facilitates guest requests management.
  • AL IMTEDAD’s IPTV platform is one of the best way to acquire any kind of hospitality needs by creating a standalone operation or complete integration with property management systems (PMS).
  • AL IMTEDAD supports and supplies a wide range of single and multi-room IP TV solutions in Oman.
  • We provides highly integrated IPTV services across various industries in Oman.
  • We delivers multimedia services over IP based networks from the basic standard definition (SD) to high definition (HD) and Full High Definition (FHD).
  • Explore our Hospital IPTV solutions in Oman for comprehensive hospitality solutions.


  • Full HD Channel Experience
  • Hotel Channel
  • Customized Channel for VIP Guest and Groups
  • Pay Channel Bundling
  • TV Channel Category List with Preview
  • 100 Channels and above with High Clarity
  • TV Channel Streaming on advanced Smartphones
  • Radio Channel List

IPTV Systems- MAIN MENU Features

  • Welcome Message on TV when Check-in
  • Guest Name Display on TV Main Menu
  • Guest Message Popup and View
  • Elegant Designed UI in Multiple Region Display
  • Information Menu
  • Single Channel or Brand Video Streaming
  • Dynamic News Feed (From Online feed only)
  • Weather Forecast Report (From Online feed only)
  • Video and Music on Demand
  • Flight Status (From Online feed only)
  • World Time, Local Time and Date
  • Flash News Scrolling Bar Field
  • Language Selection
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  • Hotel Restaurant and Dining Facilities
  • Health Club and Swimming pool information
  • Guest Room Services
  • Hotel Live Event Video Broadcasting
  • Meeting Rooms and Business Center
  • Reward Programs and External Activity
  • Hotel Gallery
  • Tourist Information
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