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One of the leading companies specializing in Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) systems and solutions, catering to IPTV for hospitality.

Hospitality iptv

Hospitality IPTV systems use Internet Protocol networks, replacing traditional channels. AL IMTEDAD stands out as a premier provider of IPTV for hospitality.

Our advanced IPTV software technology enables superior hospitality TV systems. It provides improved control and flexibility for digital TV channel distribution. We offer comprehensive end-to-end IPTV hospitality solutions for hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, and corporate buildings. AL IMTEDAD provides tailored IPTV solutions to meet our customers' hospitality needs.

AL IMTEDAD is a leading company that creates and offers hospitality IPTV solutions for hotels and other businesses. We help hotels, resorts, boutique hotels, apartments, and villas with our services.

We offer a comprehensive IPTV solution, meeting the rising demand for TV signal distribution over Local Area Networks. Our system includes an IPTV headend for signal reception and conversion. Our middleware enables seamless TV channel viewing on Smart TVs and IP Set-Top Boxes. We can help set up your network and distribution equipment to make sure your IPTV works smoothly.

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IPTV Headend

  • AL IMTEDAD specializes in IPTV solutions, we provide flexible and powerful head-end systems. Our IPTV headend processes signals from satellite, terrestrial, cable, and IP inputs. It simultaneously outputs the processed signals for distribution.
  • We are highly capable of catering to IPTV Headends with all the necessary enclosures and a secure environment. Our conditional access system gives the customer choice over the pay channels.
  • Our IPTV headend solutions support various industries and enjoy strong backing. With higher quality services we utmost ensure to meet the customer needs.
  • These high-end solutions ensure a permanent and long-term operation. They also deliver a high-quality and reliable experience. We create a great set of features for clients to enable a wider range of services.

IPTV Middleware

  • As an IPTV provider AL IMTEDAD we offers onsite middleware solutions to customers. Additionally, we provide cloud-based IPTV middleware solutions.
  • Our middleware is feature enriched with major features such as radio, messaging, PMS integration, language, internet, and many more.
  • Comfort features such as alarm clock, alarm visualization, news ticker, weather information, exchange rates, prayer times, flight/train timetable.
  • Welcome with a personalized address. Enjoy TV channels in the highest digital quality, with TV/ radio programs sorted by language and genre. Streaming of personal content from mobile devices to the TV screen.
  • The hotel provides information about its facilities, including restaurants and spa. Guests can easily request in-room dining or services like room service and butler help. Other features include checking bills, express checkout, and more.

Benefits of IPTV Hospitality solutions for hotel operators

  • Robust, scalable, and easy to incorporate with other IP-based services.
  • With full control of user access, it is possible to link with other connected devices.
  • Supports high definition by giving customers the choice of choosing their preferred programs.
  • Information for guests via TV device in public areas as well as in hotel rooms.
  • Personalized content and centralized management increase guest satisfaction and reduce internal efforts.
hospitality ip tv system supplier
iptv hospitality solutions
  • Restaurant's opening hours and menus, spa services, and details about nearby attractions available. Additionally, information about room service, housekeeping, and help from the butler are available.
  • The interface offers full customization, a modern design, branding opportunities, and innovative features.
  • Pay-TV / VoD and AoD services to generate extra income.
  • Management of booked services via PMS connection and view of statistics of used services and TV programs.
  • Content adaptation to the language of the guest. Image video as a background on the entry page.
hospitality ip tv system supplier

Major industries we cater

  • Hospitality sector includes hotels, hospitals, clinics, health/wellbeing, care/retirement homes.
  • Corporate sectors such as companies, maritime, prisons, oil rigs.
  • Educational sectors including universities, colleges, and schools.

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Triax is a global supplier of high-quality products and solutions that enables us to provide exceptional service. They offer end-to-end hospitality and broadband solutions that are dependable, compatible, and ideal. We partner with Triax on high-quality items including Satellite dishes, LNB units, Multiswitches, DiSEqC switches, Amplifiers, Cable receivers, and Headends. Their innovations combine hardware and software expertise to add value to the hospitality and related industries.

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AL IMTEDAD considers TERRA as one of our prominent technology partners. They design, develop, and distribute IPTV and SMATV solution equipments. Hence Terra is a brand we associate with cutting-edge products that are compatible with the latest technological advances. The solutions from TERRA enables us to deliver optimum results in our TV Systems.TERRA is a renowned manufacturer of SMATV solution accessories. We ensure the long-term reliability of our solutions with Terra.

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