AL IMTEDAD provides IPTV services specifically designed for healthcare facilities. Our IPTV solution for hospital aims to enhance the patient experience and improve communication within the healthcare setting.

IPTV for healthcare enables hospitals to deliver a wide range of content and features to patients and visitors. IPTV is commonly used for entertainment purposes, it can also be implemented in healthcare settings to enhance patient care and communication. Additionally, patients can access important healthcare information, including health educational videos, health tips, and updates from healthcare providers.

AL IMTEDAD's IPTV system for hospitals also facilitates effective communication between patients, staff, and visitors. IPTV enables hospitals to broadcast important announcements, health-related news, and other relevant information on TVs located throughout the facility. This ensures that patients and visitors are well-informed and can stay updated with the latest developments.

Furthermore, IPTV in healthcare settings can be utilized for digital signage purposes. Hospitals can display wayfinding information, appointment schedules, and general hospital information on digital signage screens, improving navigation and reducing confusion for patients and visitors.

AL IMTEDAD's IPTV solution for healthcare is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. It provides a seamless user interface that allows patients to access various features and information with ease. The solution can also be integrated with existing hospital systems, such as patient management systems (PMS) and electronic health records, to provide a unified experience for patients and streamline workflows for healthcare staff.


Benefits of Hospital IPTV systems


  • Improved patient education: IPTV in hospital can be used as a tool to educate patients about their health conditions, treatment options, and preventive measures. It helps patients better understand their care, empowering them to make informed decisions about their health.
  • Increased patient satisfaction: By offering personalized and interactive viewing experiences, hospital IPTV can enhance patient satisfaction with their overall care. Patients appreciate having control over their entertainment options and the ability to tailor their viewing experience to their preferences.
  • Reduced healthcare costs: IPTV can contribute to cost savings in healthcare by providing access to educational content that promotes self-care and disease management. Additionally, increased patient satisfaction can lead to better patient outcomes and reduced readmission rates.

IPTV for Hospitals is applied in

  • Education: Healthcare organizations use IPTV to deliver educational content to patients, helping them understand medical procedures, post-treatment care, and healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Telehealth: IPTV facilitates telehealth services, enabling patients to remotely connect with healthcare providers for consultations, follow-ups, and monitoring, especially beneficial for individuals in remote areas.
  • Patient engagement: IPTV system for hospitals is utilized to engage patients in their care by providing updates on their condition, medication reminders, appointment notifications, and delivering interactive health programs.
  • Entertainment: IPTV offers entertainment options to patients, helping them relax and pass the time during their hospital stay, ultimately improving their overall experience.

IPTV Brands for Hospitals

  • AL IMTEDAD, a provider of IPTV service for hospitals, offers a range of TV brands, including LG Pro-Centric and Samsung LYNK Reach servers, for our IPTV solutions in the healthcare industry.
  • LG Pro-Centric is a comprehensive IPTV platform designed specifically for the hospitality and healthcare sectors. It provides advanced features and functionalities tailored to meet the unique needs of hospitals. With LG Pro-Centric, hospitals can customize the user interface, deliver personalized patient information, and integrate with hospital systems for seamless communication and efficient management.
  • Samsung LYNK Reach is another popular IPTV solution used by AL IMTEDAD in hospitals. It offers a variety of features designed to enhance the patient experience and improve communication. Samsung LYNK Reach enables hospitals to provide interactive services, deliver targeted educational content, and display important announcements and notifications on hospital TVs. It also allows for centralized management and remote control, making it easier for hospital staff to monitor and manage the hospital IPTV system.
  • By partnering with renowned TV brands like LG and Samsung, AL IMTEDAD ensures that our IPTV service for hospitals are supported by reliable and high-quality television models. These brands provide the necessary features and capabilities to deliver an immersive and engaging in-room entertainment experience for patients, while also facilitating effective communication and information dissemination within the hospital setting.
  • AL IMTEDAD's IPTV solutions, powered by LG Pro-Centric and Samsung LYNK Reach, contribute to a more patient-centric approach in hospitals, enabling healthcare facilities to deliver customized content, important healthcare information, and seamless communication, ultimately enhancing the overall patient satisfaction and engagement.

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