IPTV and Middleware

New technology has emerged by outdating the traditional broadcasting modes. IPTV or Internet Protocol Television uses LAN to deliver television programs or Video on Demand (VoD) to end-users in a closed network. There is a huge increase in usage of IPTV system in hospitality industry. For the distribution of signal, an IPTV headend is used to receive TV signals and convert into IP stream and the IPTV middleware helps to view TV channels and other services like VoD, via Smart TV and IP set top box. Client can control the end-user TVs/STBs for personalized messages, promotions, upsell the products, add more value to the End user experience. 

Programs/Content can be received from Satellite feed, Media Players, TELCOs, OTT etc. which will be converted into IP Multicast packets to distribute via CAT6 Cables to TVs or STBs in Hotels, Hospitals & commercial place. 

With cable or satellite broadcasters send out real-time signals to viewers. Not only tuning into broadcasted live TV shows but also consumer can request any video content and will be delivered via internet.

IPTV has an ability to store the programming on server at transmitting end, user requests content will be available over LAN at any time. Comparing to traditional one-way cable or satellite broadcasting, IPTV is efficient for end-user experience. When user selects any TV programs or requests any videos, the video from source or server is breakdown into data packets sent over network. The programs are transmitted through UTP CAT6 cable.IPTV middleware is a software, which is used to connect two or more applications, they suite each other and exchange the data. Middleware determines or controls interface, transmission logic and all on-screen services available to viewers. It is impossible to build an IPTV solution in the absence of middleware. Not only allowing SD and HD channels, but also furnish with Ultra HD(UHD) and radio, it is possible to categorize and customize as your customers need based on language, channel type etc. IPTV middleware provide fine user interface to hospitality management or admin, can easily control the content and services, moreover, viewers can access the available services without any hassle. With one central console, IPTV middleware allow to setup and manage multiple IPTV service in a single screen.

Features of Middleware

  • Live Television 
  • Casting Solutions
  • Video on Demand (VoD)
  • Live Weather Forecast
  • Billing and Detailed Reporting 
  • Able to setup number of set-top-boxes 
  • Categorise and customize in terms of channel type, language  
  • Order or Request Services (food, laundry, taxi etc.)
  • Promotions
  • Messaging Services
  • BYOD (Bring your own Device)
  • Live Channels via Wi-Fi on Handheld Gadgets
  • Time-Shifted TV

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