Al Imtedad is one of the leading service providers of SMATV in Dubai.

What is SMATV(Satellite Master Antenna Television)?

SMATV is a community distribution system for signals received via satellite, terrestrial networks or radio. Multiple satellite signals are connected to Multi switch. These switches distribute signal to end user. End user can use appropriate satellite receiver / decoder to receive the channels. SMATV networks are used in Residential building, Hotel apartments, some small housing estates hotels, hospitals, corporate sectors.

How SMATV Works?

For SAMTV we need to install a satellite dish and TV antennae to receive programming from satellite providers and local broadcast networks. These antennae feed into several racks of electronic equipment which tunes in the channels you choose for your cable lineup, and combines them into a single cable signal.

The outdoor unit consists of Antenna to receive free to air satellite TV programmes .A larger antenna will be used to receive signal to make sure the signal to noise ratio will be good.

Major Components of SMATV

1. Headend Module

SMATV Headend receive and process the signals from the satellites and distribute through distribution network.

The headend system consists of following components

  • Antenna
  • Baluns
  • Preamplifiers
  • Modulators
  • Filters And Traps
  • Antenna Mixing Units
  • Amplifiers
  • Cable

2. Distribution System Equipment

The distribution system consists of following components

  • Splitters
  • Tapoffs
  • 75 To 300 Ohm Matching Transformers
  • Band Separators
  • Terminators

SMATV Headend

SMATV Headend receive and process the signals from the satellites and distribute through distribution network. We can distribute as many channels as you have modules in your head end system.

A headend system can be an extremely rational and inexpensive way of offering variety and quality to the subscribers in a multi dwelling network. But the value to subscribers is totally dependent on the flexibility of the headend system.

Imtedad offers many different kinds of systems that can be combined and expanded to both present and future needs. The common denominators are simplicity and logic that save time in installation and in future adaptations.

Headends we used for SMATV in Dubai and UAE

TDH 700 digital

TDH 700 is a modern digital compact headend. Each basic unit holds up to six modules each carrying a satellite, cable, or terrestrial channel. A complete system is simply build with the Main/Sub unit system where 1 basic unit and 4 sub units can be coupled in cascade and operates as on integrated headend with 30 channel.

The top model of Triax Digital Headend system (TDH 700) is a modular and programmable solution prepared for all the opportunities of digitalization and satellite TV, including remote supervision and control of networks.

All communication between modules and the basic units is done via a high speed data-bus, and by means of this modern communication structure, important features as operating the system, software updates, and remote access has become unique simple.

5 way to control your TDH headend

  • Unique simple operation via On Screen Display (OSD)
  • Programming via PC
  • Access via Internet
  • Access via GSM
  • Access via telephone modem

SMATV Headend Dubai TDH700

TCH 600 analogue

Triax compact headend system (TCH 600) is the equally flexible solution for the analogue transmission. The basic unit holds up to 8 analogue modulators each carrying one VHF, UHF or FM channel. Several basic units can be cascaded in order to reach the number of channels required.

Different types of modules are available for this system e.g.TV and FM channel converters for organizing frequency and channels systematically and multi standard modulator modules i.e. can be set to existing world TV-standards.


  • Flexible - configuration can be changed according to changing needs
  • Quick and easy programming
  • Modules available in double side band (DSB) and vestigial side band (VSB) enabling you to place programs on every single channel in the frequency range
  • Reliable due to microprocessor control of tuner settings, individual adjustment of output levels and a watchdog function that restarts the modules in case of power failure

SMATV HeadEnd Dubai TCH600

What all SMTAV services we provide in Dubai ?

Al Imtedad can offer a full, design, installation and maintenance service for SMATV systems in Dubai.

Our SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna Television) in Dubai gives you the ability to receive programming directly from a satellite. You select your desired programming package, sporting events, corporate broadcasts, learning programs, and foreign language programs.

Through our SMATV , we provide most of the satellite channels, Radio Channels and customized channels as per the customer requirement.

The major industries using our SMATV service in Dubai are as follows

Small Apartments and Individual houses


Hotels, Hospitals, Clinics, Health/Wellbeing, Care/Retirement homes


Companies, Maritime, Prisons, Oil rigs


Universities, Colleges, Schools